Croatia Inward & Outward

Summer Yoga Retreat

June 23nd - July 2nd, 2017

With Nikki Ortiz and Diana Lovrin

We are so happy  to join forces combining our mutual love of yoga, productive and rejuvenating trips and travels, nature, beauty, people, music and getting down! Thank you for choosing us to guide you to some of our favorite places, both physically and metaphysically.


When we travel we make space. We take ourselves out of our daily habits and immerse ourselves in the unknown. 

We become open, aware, attentive, self-reflective, inspired.  

Deepen your practice, learn something new, commune with nature, reset your nervous system, laugh your ass off, dance, sing, drop a beat, surprise yourself, take risks, freestyle, fine tune. Cultivate presence. Immerse yourself in beauty.


Part 1: Ekodrom, Mreznica & R/verse Festival, & Plitvice National Park, June 23nd - 26th

For the first part of the trip we will sleep eco-conscious ranch on the rolling hills of Bukovica that is home to Ekodrom, an organization dedicated to creating “a better now”. We will be taking a day trips to a fantastic river Mreznica littered with little waterfalls where we'll spend the day bathing and we'll attend one day at the first edition of R/VERSE Festival that will bring together more than 30 of the finest music selectors from the region and beyond, set on choosing the best up and coming techno, house, acid, electro, bass, hip-hop, beats, d'n'b and other electronic tunes. Expecting to be expended by fun in the sun we will leave the party at a reasonable time. 

(If you'd like to spend more time at the festival we can arrange that for you)

Our second day trip will be to the impressive National Park, Plitvice, where we'll soak in the beauty of nature at its finest! 

Part 2: The Island of Vitality, Veli Losinj, June 26th - 2nd

The Island of Losinj has long been credited for it’s therapeutic microclimate, pristine, docile and healing sea water, as well as it’s old-world and natural beauty. Our week on the island will be filled with Swimming, Boating to neighboring islands and beaches, dolphin watching, hiking, guided herb walks, Yoga, Meditation, & more!


Price Includes:

Daily Open Level Vinyasa Yoga classes, Meditation and all Workshops

3 Night stay at Ekodrom Ranch (camp out or hostel style beds)  

*Drinks not included. Meals will be included at Ekodrom and inexpensive meals will be available at Mreznica.

Day trip to River Mreznica + R/verse Festival Tickets (day pass & transportation)

Day trip to Plitvice National Park (park entry & transportation)
6 Night Hotel or Hostel Accommodation in Losinj + daily breakfast

Boat excursion to neighboring islands + lunch

Lead Hikes and Nature Walk with Herb tour guide + light lunch

Transportation from Zagreb to Ekodrom/Mreznica/Plitvice/Losinj 

2 Group dinners and packed lunches included on excursions 



To meet all the different needs of our students and fellow travelers we are offering the option 

to stay in a hotel room (dbl occupancy) or in a hostel.

The total investment is: Hotel $1650 / Hostel $1300

A $650 non-refundable downpayment is due April 16th to ensure your spot and reserve your hotel room. 

After April 16th the price may increase depending on hotel availability. 

The remaining amount ($1000 / $650) is due in full by June 1st 2017 


For more information and questions email or call (+1) 718-506-7379


Daily Open Level Vinyasa Yoga + Meditation, suitable for all!!

Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, a  safe, mindful practice is achieved by moving within your body’s present state and abilities, surfing your physical limitations with deep breathing, and giving yourself the necessary adjustments so the poses (asanas) conform to your body- never the other way around! Our goal is to open and connect the energetic channels in the body to leave the body and mind in a balanced and equanimous state.

Practice presence daily and watch the alchemy unfold!

Nikki Ortiz is a Yogi, dancer, contortionist, mover. She's originally from Ecuador and currently based in Brooklyn, she teaches yoga and performs throughout New York.  "I believe movement is medicine, for both the mover and the observer. I love exploring the possibilities of the human body and using it as an instrument to tap into something bigger and deeper. As a performer, I want to move you. As a yoga teacher, I want to share this practice of self knowledge and liberation as best as I can."

Diana Lovrin is a passionate yoga and meditation teacher, doula, singer, artist, world traveler, and yoga retreat coordinator. She has been practicing yoga since 2004 and is still in awe of the transformational power of the unifying practice of yoga! Diana’s classes are based on empowerment through breath and body awareness, finding and expanding limitations, finding stillness in motion, and discovering & expressing your truest Self.



Veli Losinj Health Resort is situated right outside the town’s Urban core, in a public garden abundant with exotic Mediterranean vegetation. We will stay in Villa Elisabeth, a castle built in 1886 and completely renovated and adapted in 2013. The Health Resort within close walking distance from the center of town, restaurants, and beaches! (Buffet style breakfast is included)


Ekodrom in Bukovica is a ranch with camping grounds and hostel-like accommodations. The grounds are off the beaten path complete with outhouses as well as proper bathrooms. Breakfast and dinner will be made for us with fresh local farm foods.

The Festival is a 4-day workshop and music festival celebrating: empowerment through sharing skills and knowledge, music and dance, communing with nature, old-world trades, and community. Check it out

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Plitvice National Park

Littered with captivating waterfalls and transparent ponds, Plitvice is a magical place straight out of a fairytale! The pictures do it no justice. You'll see it for yourself. And it's just one hour away from Ekodrom!



Flight bookings & Airport Transfers

Please consult me before booking your flight as I will have to book shared taxis from the airport to our first destination, Bukovica, which is about 70 km from Zagreb. 
Remember, the sooner you book your flight the better deals you will find on airfare! Book today!

All transportation within Croatia is included in the price except for how you choose to get back to the airport. Some people will choose to stay longer so we have not included your return trip to an airport. If you choose to explore Croatia further Diana is happy to share all of her knowledge of her favorite spots. Croatia is after all her second home.